5 Alternatives For Printed Shirts

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Looking around social media nowadays, we see that almost everyone has a printed t-shirt of some sort in their wardrobe, either displaying the logo of a band, a picture of a celebrity, a cultural icon, or something fandom that person might be a part of. 

We can all agree that printed shirts are a subtle manner of characterizing someone. Whatever is printed on one’s shirt reveals a portion of their interests and personality. You may think having a printed t-shirt has become a vital piece of clothing in everyone’s style. 

However, people who are not afraid to challenge the laws of fashion and add a bit of flare to their style have come up with creative alternatives to printed t-shirts that satisfy even the most pretentious style. From embroidered shirts to DIY projects, here are five options you can choose from to switch up the concept of the printed shirt. 

1.Painted Shirts

Starting with an idea that can be done by yourself or by placing an order, painted shirts are the perfect project for people who like to mess with paint. A trend popularized on social media involves putting paint on your hands, placing them on a shirt (usually worn by a friend), and leaving your handprint. 

Of course, suppose you want to experiment with something more complicated. You can grab your brush and paint a design you like or imagined. Here is a pro tip: for your design to not become still once it dries, mix the paint with fabric softener for a more flexible and flawless finish. 

2. Bead Design Shirts

As an extension to embroidery, adding colorful beads to a design you want to embroider adds shine and a hint of style to an article of clothing. By matching different styles with different bead colors and shapes, one may recreate the effect of wearing jewelry more inexpensively. A bonus to the aesthetical benefits of beaded embroidery designs is that they tend to last a lot longer than printed ones, even after numerous washes.

3. Embroidered Shirts

Our grandmothers would be proud of this one. Embroidered shirts have been around for a long time, especially in traditional clothing. By opting for an embroidered design instead of a plain printed one, you will add more dimension to your clothing items and elevate your look to a classier one. Thanks to the numerous stitches and techniques, embroidery gives you endless possibilities that can fit any style. 

4. “Window” Shirts

Cut-out shirts have been around for some time but only more conventional, like shoulder windows or chest windows in the fabric. With that in mind, many shirt designs now feature different shapes cut out from the fabric, like replacing the original chest window with a heart-shaped one. If you feel brave enough, this would be a great idea to upcycle old shirts, but if you don’t trust your crafting skills, you can always reach for a tailor. 

5. Patches

Just like embroidery, patches add a more 3D style to your clothing. They can transform any basic item into a unique piece. This idea might be preferred for people with a more punk-rock aesthetic since it was popularized by jackets worn during the 80s and 90s by bikers. The best part is that you can get personalized patches from internet customization companies.

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