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Donovan Moore is an American fashion editor and head of editorial content at D.M. Fashion Book and CEO of Donovan Moore Fashion Media Group, LLC.

Originally from South Jersey, Donovan moved to NYC to pursue a career in media and entertainment after graduating from the School of Journalism and Media Studies at the prestigious Rutgers University, with a B.A. in Journalism and Media Studies and a concentration on Africana Studies.

During his senior year at Rutgers, Donovan interned at XXL magazine and Complex.

Through the relationships that Donovan developed while working in the entertainment industry, he was offered a digital marketing/consultant position at Universal Music Group/Republic Records. During his his time there, he worked on artists marketing for The Weeknd, Kelly Rowland, Kid Cudi, Austin Mahone, 3 Doors Down, Angel Haze, Gotye, Youngblood Hawke, Avett Brothers, ZZ Top, Busta Rhymes, DJ Khaled and RDGLDGRN.

After taking various opportunities in the entertainment industry, it was time for Donovan to build his own brand and that’s when he decided to launch his own website.

D.M. Fashion Book is a luxury online fashion book and street style magazine, founded in 2019 by American fashion editor and media entrepreneur Donovan Moore. The online publication is a place where upscale fashion meets luxury streetwear and independent designs. A website where fashion meets sports, entertainment, and culture. We cover the latest and most exclusive in fashion such as: the runways in Paris, Milan, Italy, and New York to the streets in the inner cities and wealthy neighborhoods in the suburbs.

D.M. Fashion Book is a go-to source for all things fashion, fashion news, celebrity trends, athletes styling and wardrobe advice. It is also a platform for up-and-coming designers, models, and talents to get discovered and showcase their talents. It is the premier destination for men’s and women’s fashion on the web. We give our readers the best in fashion, sports, entertainment, and culture in a creative, easily accessible fashion magazine online. One of the main goals for the website is to use our voice and style of writing to tell stories and shine light on diversity in the fashion industry.

D.M. Fashion Book produces relevant content quickly and efficiently. The only way to be successful in today’s digital ecosystem is to create content and tell stories that matter to your target consumer and do so quickly, efficiently, and with precision.

Our target audience are millennials and Gen Z across major pop and black culture categories such as luxury fashion, streetwear, sneakers, beauty, entertainment, and sports. D.M. Fashion Book reaches a coveted 25-34 age (34.9%) and 18-24 age (33.7%) male and female audience. The website generates around two million pageviews per month. The gender is 61.7% men and 39.2% women. D.M. Fashion Book’s online audience, though mainly in the United States, is incredibly international from France, Italy, United Kingdom, Ghana, and Germany to name just a few of our main hubs. 36% of our visitors use a computer, 2% use a tablet and 62% use a mobile device. They care about what we are selling because they are getting great content. We focus on quality over quantity, and our content provides value to our audience and reinforces our brand’s narrative. They also realized that the fashion posted on my website is high quality and what they see their style icons wear. They trust us as their fashion confidant and critic. 

With already such a large and growing audience, this is a great way for brands to align themselves with us.

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For inquiries regarding advertising, partnerships and public relations on our website or social networking sites, please email Donovan at don@dmfashionbook.com.


Instagram @dmfashionbook

Twitter @dmfashionbook

For more information, please contact:

Donovan Moore

Email: don@dmfashionbook.com

Twitter  @dmfashionbook| IG @dmfashionbook

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