6 Tips For Taking IG-Worthy Fashion Photos From Home

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If you are looking to post photos on social media, Instagram is the best platform on which to do so. The platform’s UI and customizable filters make photos stand out, and brands and personalities alike get a lot of engagement from it as a result. As such, plenty of renowned fashion photographers, such as Matthew Brookes and Tony Kelly, use Instagram essentially in lieu of portfolios.

If you’re obsessed with fashion photography like we are, know that you too can start taking professional IG-worthy photos with just a simple, DIY setup. Sound interesting? These tips can get you started.

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Find the perfect location

The ideal spot for a photoshoot has a white wall and lots of natural light. White is important as a background color because it sharpens details, it won’t distract from your subject, and makes your photos easier to edit. If you don’t have a white wall, head somewhere outdoors or with lots of windows and hang a white sheet in the background –– or even a grid of plain canvases if you prefer something solid. This can be done out on the patio, in a corner of your living room, or anywhere else you may have the space.

Get the right camera

If you’re on a budget, using smartphones like the iPhone 13 or Samsung Galaxy S21 can do the trick. However, a digital camera yields far better results and gives your photos a more professional finish. If you feel this would be a good investment for yourself or your business, look into point-and-shoot cameras. These are lightweight and easy to use, and so have the most gentle learning curve out of all the standalone cameras available on the market.

Invest in lighting equipment

When emulating editorial photos à la Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar, natural lighting isn’t enough. Artificial light sources will soften the appearance of your subject and eliminate shadows in the background (opt for those with hooded shades if possible). YThat said, you don’t need to buy professional photography umbrellas — desk lamps will do just fine. And if you don’t have any of those handy, you can even make a DIY project out of your lighting by sticking printing paper to the inside of an umbrella and flashing a light source into it.

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Pick your looks

First, decide on a color scheme with at least 3-4 colors. Color scheme generators on the internet can help get you started. Also, consider your model’s body type by measuring their shoulders, chest/bust, waist, and hips. This can help you determine which clothes will look best on them. And since you’ll be using a white background, you pretty much have free rein on what looks to go with!

Keep experimenting

Once you start shooting, play with camera settings like shutter speeds and manual focus. Position your lights in different places to get varied contrasts between light and shadow. Take photos from different angles — up high, down low, from the side, or facing straight forward. Experimenting with these elements helps capture your subject in vastly different ways, making it more likely that you’ll find a perfect photo or two once you look through your work.

Perfect your works in post

You can always throw an Instagram filter on your best shot and call it a day. However, programs like Adobe’s Photoshop and Lightroom will also help you get the professional results you want. Editing software can help you change backgrounds, fix slight imperfections in an otherwise-perfect photo, and even make certain elements of a shot — like colors — pop more.

All things considered, it’s surprisingly easy to produce show-stopping fashion photos on your own. All you need is the right equipment, some determination, and a creative idea. If you like, you can even get started with inspiration from our dedicated fashion category, where we post about everything new in the fashion world.

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